Dreamz Infra UGADI Special Offer 23% Additional Discount On Flats


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Dreamz Infra India is well known Real Estate / Residential Construction Company from Bangalore. In Karnataka UGADI Festival is very popular so on the occasion of UGADI Dreamz Infra is providing Special offer called 23% Additional Discount on their all projects. This offer is valid only on 29th & 30th March 2014. HURRY if you are looking for Flats / Apartments for sale in Bangalore join us on this UGADI Festival.



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Dreamz Infra UGADI Offer on Apartmetns / Flats in Bangalore


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Dreamz Infra is top most Real Estate builders in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra is providing Flats / Apartments at very affordable prices in Bangalore. Now, for UGADI Festival Dreamz is offering additional 20% discount and chance to win a Free Flat in this Festival Season. Thus, if you’re planning Apartments / Flats for sale in Bangalore participate in Dreamz Mega Festival.

Advance Happy UGADI to All

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Dreamz Infra Stall at FlatsDeal JUMBO Home Fair


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Dreamz Infra is participating in FlatsDeal JUMBO Home Fair on this weekend 15th & 16th March. Dreamz Infra is offering Half Price Flats during Home Fair. Watch our Existing Customers Videos & Reviews on Dreamz Official YouTube Channel Dreamz Infra Reviews

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Dreamz Infra in JUMBO Home Fair


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Dreamz Infra is having stall in “JUMBO” home fair conducting by FlatsDeal on this weekends i.e. 8th & 9th Mar’14. You can also meet Dreamz Existing customers in the home fair.

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Dreamz Infra 1st & 2nd March Home Freedom Fair


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Dreamz GK Infra India Home Freedom Fair on 1st & 2nd March

Dreamz GK Infra India Limited presents Home Fair that gives the prospective buyers the freedom to explore its 30+ projects and to choose as per their convenience whether on location, price, or amenities. This Home Fair is the answer for your entire property search quest whether it is for new projects or on-going projects.

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For 2014 Predicted: It Will Be Bargaining Hard with the Developers – Dreamz News


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It has been noted that the year 2013 ended on not so positive note as the year saw the job losses rising, economy slowing down and salary increments trimmed to the bare minimum. What seemed to take a toll on affordability were high interest rates on home loans and property prices.

It has been observed that during the year, all those reasons led to a lesser demand for housing. However, the situation was not grim for the buyers as they were pampered with high bargaining power given the fact that the builders considered wooing them with freebies and price discounts. In 15 of the 20 cities, the index rose 1.92-27.06 percent year on-year (y-o-y) in the September quarter according to the National Housing Bank’s Residex.

It was also observed that in 12 of those cities, it saw less than 10 percent increase. One the other hand, the index came down by 5.56-10.71 percent, in five cities. In India’s top 12 markets, builders could increase prices by 4-19 percent according to the primary market data from PropEquity, which is a Gurgaon-based real estate firm. What is submissive and evident from these numbers is that the builders on their prices were ready to offer discounts in the range of 10-15 percent. Moreover, in the secondary markets, much lower discounts were available.

The year also saw to it that the prices of ready-to-occupy properties rose. This was even as developers were under pressure to offer discounts on their new launches. Primarily, there were two reasons for this trend. Developers faced a cash deficit first as the realty sector slowed down. It was also seen that the buyers who had an inkling about this situation, insisted on discounts. Secondly, the cash crisis was seen to affect the speed of construction. Besides, what was seen as being extensive was the project delays. Buyers chose to pay a premium for ready-to-occupy properties in order to alleviate the risk of delays in delivery. Moreover, what was seen in the second half of 2013 was that builders made to buyers an offer of scores of smart discounts and schemes. However, the buyers did not provide a great response to these discounts.

Strategy for 2014
It is slated that the year 2014 might see prices correction only in some segments and locations. However, resurgence in the real estate market will be dependent on the overall economic situation. It is also believed that when it came to elections, if they threw up a more pro-business government, then the consumer confidence and economy stood some chances of improvisations. Moreover, if inflation was curbed, in the second half of 2014 the central bank could cut rates. And what else might give a fillip to the real estate sector was that home loan rates might follow suit.

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In Outer Delhi DDA Slated to Clear Plan for Housing Projects


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It has been slated by the Delhi Development Authority that it is in near future aiming at clearing a plan that might open up new areas in the city for housing projects. It is believed that the DDA’s board of directors took a decision last week to take up final public suggestions on the move before it could actually clear the proposal, probably in its next meeting.

The move, which involves amending the master plan 2021 and will be finally have to be cleared by the Centre is likely to boost residential real estate development in outer Delhi regions such as Najafga, Kanjhawala, Ghitroni, Bawana and Burari.

DDA-Housing-Projects-dreamzinfrareviews1The basic purpose is to allow residential units along ‘facility corridors’ earmarked in the MPD 2021 for urban extension. These corridors, which were part of the larger Transit Oriented Development (TOD) of the capital, were primarily meant to be commercial and recreational centres, and strictly non-residential.

This move is backed by the Union urban development minister Kamal Nath. According to the officials from the planning department, they stated that DDA is very near to finalizing the process of amending the MPD which will include residential development in these corridors. Moreover, the proposal had been approved by the committees reviewing the master plan and was put up for objections and suggestions from the public.

The senior planning officials at DDA stated that the proposal was very much on the verge of being passed unopposed. However, the authority decided to again review the objections and suggestions it had received. According to a planning department official, it was decided that objections and suggestions to the proposal would be taken up before deliberation on the proposal is made in the authority’s next meeting.

The official also went on to add that the proposal would now be deliberated and in all estimation passed in the board’s next meeting.

Arlington Real Estate Market Sees Predictions for 2014


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After successfully predicting 2013, the author has predicted the market for 2014. He has predicted with some optimism for the real estate market.



Here are the predictions:
1. The affordability is slated to fall and interest rates will increase. The rates were down to 3 percent, then 4 percent, now we drift around 4.5 percent. According to the predictions, the year might end around 5 percent. But for a home buyer, each increase in the interest rate would mean more out of pocket each month. Thus, it would make things less affordable.

2. Inventory is likely to increase. Since the dip in 2009, the prices have increased enough, that most people who bought in 2005-2006 can afford to sell (which will lead to #3). This should help increase the inventory levels.

3. Foreclosures/short sales will be a small part of the market. The year 2013 ended with about 3.2 percent of the annual sales which resulted from short sales or foreclosures. He predicts that it will be even less in 2014, maybe around 1-2 percent.

4. New construction, generally single family homes, will continue to be prevalent and grow. It is believed that there are numerous builders who are snatching up land at every opportunity in Arlington. It is predicted that one will see that trend continued and more McMansions being built.

5. It is predicted that there will be more conventional loans which will be used and fewer government issued loans. However, with the recent FHA mortgage premium hike and the fact that PMI never goes away, the author suspects that anyone who CAN afford to go with a conventional mortgage will as FHA as made themselves financially undesirable.

6. It is likely that multiple offers will continue, especially in the market under $900k. It is also predicted that with affordability on the verge of decreasing and inventory just starting to increase, the “affordable” market in Arlington is really anything about $900k and under. The author also predicts that he expects multiple offers to continue into 2014 in that market, especially for single family homes. Besides this, there are pockets that will also witness craziness like Clarendon Condos and Townhomes, where availability is always slim, that will so be hit with multiple offers. In the lower prices ranges, expect to battle with builders for buildable land.

*7. Prices are slated to increase.
Here’s wishing good luck to all of the buyers and sellers in 2014. May people find the right home!


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