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Not having a Facebook account is almost like not having a Voter’s ID or a PAN card. You understand internet, and still not familiar with ‘shares’, ‘tweets’, ‘pins’ and ‘likes’…. Though not legally punishable, this online offense might cause the “app savvy” generation to look down upon you as a social retard. And why not? The world is spinning fast. Our ‘techy’ avatars should be educated enough to judge the freshness of an apple or a bunch of spinach by analyzing the review popularity of online departmental stores with home-delivery services.

With all due respect to individuals who respect their traditional morals of not worshipping the era of softcopies and online virtuosity, the towering dominance of online social media is a FACT, and impactful enough to manipulate business revenues by altering their online image through the reviewer’s perception. The ubiquitous accessibility to interactive platforms through readily downloading apps, has enabled this internet medium to invade the boundaries of real estate as well, and ‘Dreamz Infra’ was no exception.

The milestones of customer satisfaction bagged on the way of its nascent journey across staggering success can be majorly attributed to its active social image across the numerous review platforms. Facebook (708 likes)Twitter (229 Tweets /26 Followers )Youtube (30 Videos ), & regular updates in Linkedin Tumblr ,Squidoo Google Group, Pinterest ….. Name it and we are there. Our Blogspot and WordPress subdomains have picked up considerable reader-friendliness across the globe where viewers are growing fond of our offered services on comparative real estate data, updated articles and blogs on current controversial topics, authentic customer review platforms etc. The techniques of search engine mechanics have blessed us with positive results in establishing a strong fan-following. The active acknowledgement of published information quality is encouraging us to continue with our spirited campaigns of fine tuning online real estate information into a more reliable, authentic and presentable mold.

Social Media In A Day

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