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Imagine Bangalore! And we are caught up in nostalgia of memories of the only first world city in South East Asia, which houses the best of both Indian and global intellectual capital commingling with each other like fire and flame. In addition to this it may be said that the inhabitants of Bangalore have a legacy and a civilization that may be hundreds of years old yet. So then, what do these two parallel worlds have in common? And pat! Comes the answer to this conundrum, obviously we need to house the prosperous people of Bangalore, right from the patriarch’s to the programmers – the noveau riche.

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And so we wish to introduce you to HSR layout, once a verdant green paradise is now being used as bulldozer fodder, to create a man-made concrete ecosystem, and the uber geek, not the meek shall inherit the earth of Bangalore.

To the financial conquerors out there, we would like to point out the pertinent facts that HSR layout is equidistant from the high tech parks on either end of Bangalore, and is populated with schools, hospitals and malls that set the status quo for the extraordinary Yuppies – Young Urban Professionals. In addition to this the place resembles platinum mine for investors and speculators. By this we mean to say that for instance had one purchased a few shares of Infosys decades back, one would probably be a cent millionaire today.

Purchase a square foot of land in HSR Layout, and own the world tomorrow, when you sell it high. Buy Cheap, Sell Dear – The biggest kept and most jealously guarded secret of the rich since times immemorial.

Given these many facts, people are just rushing to purchase their own homes in HSR layout – and for very good reason’s other than the aforementioned. There is a certain mystique in HSR layout that gives one the impression of the romantic Bangalore of the yesteryears. The tree lined vast road ways, the placating and placid weather. The ever friendly people. The super abundance of what one could ever wish for.

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