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Dreamz Infra was incorporated with the dream of fetching people the right kind of home at the right price. The rumor on the internet goes that Dreamz Infra cheats people. Don’t you think this is ridiculous? We admit that there are bad and derogatory comments about the best of real estate companies also. So it’s quite natural that Dreamz Infra will also be called cheats even after doing such commendable and unbelievable work. Let’s tell you the story!

Dreamz Infra was incorporated and was very small at the beginning. It had one project named Om at Silk Board. It was a matter of just about four years back. Today Dreamz Infra is a renowned company and is an established name in the affordable sector. The reason is its commitments, passion and the feeling for the people who cannot afford homes in the expensive flats in Bangalore. It is really true that within this three or four years Dreamz Infra has completed four projects and has handed over the possession of flats to more than 300 plus customers. Ten or more are under construction and it is expected a large part out of those will be completed soon in few months. It is also true that where the flats are sold in crores of Rupees, Dreamz Infra has sold flats and that too Vastu compliant ones with no compromise in quality at Rs. 9 lac or Rs. 10 lacs. Would you call that incredible or unbelievable?

dreamz infra cheats

Yes! This is unbelievable! But the market today is convinced that it is possible. That is the reason Dreamz Infra itself has devised a plan of verifying the builder that is Dreamz Infra, with the past customers. While booking, you will be given a chance to talk and interact with the land owners and the past customers who are staying in the flats built by the company. This had to be done as there are so many bad and negative comments about Dreamz Infra which is believed to be written by people having vested interests. They are bent on proving that Dreamz Infra cheats people because they are not winning in competition with Dreamz Infra.

From the company’s side it is requested that you should not pay heed to such comments in the websites that are not authentic. If you, at all have to check Dreamz Infra reviews you can check them at authentic websites where you need documentary evidence to blame any company or individual. Well, the rest is obviously up to you to believe or not to believe as there are many unfair practices which goes on in the internet.

We understand that if you are reading this article you have some interest in our products. So we request you to kindly come and visit our premises and we are pretty friendly and transparent company and we keep no stone unturned in showing our cards to our beloved customers. The simple reason is this relationship between us and our customers goes on for a long time as we also give free service warranty for our flats. This relationship also goes on for lifetime at few instances. That is the reason we ardently request you not to base your opinion on bogus comments and reviews but to know everything and get every information directly from the horse’s mouth.