A rise in demand of Flats and apartments on Bannerghatta Road


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The market analysts say that Bannerghatta Road is the destination of the new generation with all of the improvement and infrastructural refurbishment. There are huge infrastructural improvements in the plan from widening the road, bringing the Namma Metro and few other improvements. The area is already populated with the largest of companies like Accenture, Honneywell, Aegis, IBM, HSBC and many other multinationals giving a perennial assurance of job generation in the region. There is no dearth of hotels, pubs, eateries, malls, educational institutions, schools, colleges and many other facilities and amenities that one may long for.

If you have not considered the option of buying your house in Bannerghatta Road then it is high time that you consider the area. The various housing sentiment indexes measured by different consultants and aggregate websites suggest that the apartments in the area are in high demand and the starting prices of the apartments in and around Bannerghatta Road are up at a whooping Rs. 30 lakhs.

The trend and the market watchers however note that the prices in the area were stable for a couple of years. Now the buyers and investors are keen on investing in the area and they are in search of land and apartments with the road widening and the metro schemes in the offing. There are other factors also that interest the buyers which are proximity to industrial areas like Jigani and Annekal.

The realty situation in Bannerghatta Road

There are all kinds of real estate properties which are on offer in the region along Bannerghatta Road. The projects that are built in the area and adjoining places are in the price range of Rs. 3, 500 to Rs. 5, 500 per sq. ft. There are high end properties also in the market which ranges from a price of Rs. 2 crore and above. These are mostly properties with an area of over 2000 sq. ft. with all luxury amenities. The amenities include health clubs, gymnasiums, community halls, supermarkets and many more in the facilities provided. There are big real estate companies and also developers of the affordable sector like Dreamz Infra, TGS Constructions and the like who are building apartments in the area. They also provide flats and apartments at Bannerghatta road with all the amenities that are provided by the high end developers but their range of prices are Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs. Of course there is no doubt that there is a high demand for such flats and apartments from these companies in the affordable sector. This denotes that there is huge demand of flats and apartments in the area and people are flocking in the area hoping even a more bright and prospective future in the offing.


Dreamz Suvidha Sarjapura Road Possession Giving Captured Moments


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Celebration is on at Dreamz Suvidha as possession of the apartment is handed over to the customers. That is really a good news to the customers as this is the end of the waiting period and they can peacefully stay at the most lucrative location where Dreamz Suvidha is situated and enjoy all the benefits of the amenities and the facilities of Suvidha which was offered to them at a never before price. Let’s remind you that Dreamz Suvidha is one of the jackpots of all the apartment complexes built by Dreamz Infra. The reason is it is located at a spot on Sarjapura Road which is one of the most sought after, just at a stone throw distance from the Sarjapura Main Road. There are ample malls, shopping complexes, theatres, parks, schools and infrastructures around. The spot where Dreamz Suvidha is situated is also great in terms of the spaciousness and the greenery on all its sides and periphery. Yet, it is situated at a most enviable location on Sarjapura Road.

Dreamz Suvidha3Dreamz Suvidha31

Anyway, at this auspicious occasion of delivering the homes to the customers, Dreamz Infra is really happy and the company also conveys thanks to them for the cooperation they extended. All is well that ends well. We, from the Dreamz Infra team wish you a happy, prosperous and great life at Dreamz Suvidha.

Dreamz Samadhan – JP Nagar Newly Launched Project


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J P Nagar needs no introduction in terms of choice of customers, residents and investors. It is already a highly populated area close to Jayanagar and is the home for many famous people, artists and celebrities. Keeping in mind the demand of the area Dreamz has come up with Dreamz Samadhan which is a G+5 structure with 2 and 3 BHK apartments spanning from 950 square feet to 1300 square feet. Dreamz Samadhan is meant to be an affordable housing solution to the people desirous of staying in J P Nagar. The amenities provided with the apartments are gymnasium, community hall and all others in Dreamz style. The quality will also be in tandem with Dreamz Infra quality of constructions. The price will also have the hallmark of Dreamz infra which is at least 40 to 50 percent lower than the market price as claimed by the company.Dreamz Samadhan

Keeping all the factors in mind Dreamz Samadhan is really an oasis in the J P Nagar area where the prices are escalating at a never before pace. With all these in the fray it is indeed an opportunity for the people who are tied up due to the constraints of the budget.

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Dreamz Sangam Silk Board Under Construction Project


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Apartments at Dreamz Sangam in Silk board were high in demand as Silk board is a place which has high preference from the customers. There were enquiries as to when the construction will start and our customers were patiently waiting. We can fully understand your sentiments and how you long for to shift to the new home. As you see in the pictures attached below the construction of Dreamz Sangam has advanced quite a bit and almost all the floors have been completed. This has happened due to the relentless labor of the Dreamz staff and the work has progressed in rotating shifts. The construction has been done as per Dreamz quality guidelines with frequent checks in quality. No wonder the construction is made with an RCC structure with a seismic Zone II compliant design.

Dreamz Sangam5 Dreamz Sangam4

As seen in the photographs the plastering of the exteriors are yet to be completed with the doors and windows and few work in the interiors are yet to be done. With all this you can expect that possession will be given soon if the work goes on as per schedule and everything goes on as predicted.

 Dreamz Sangam

To add a few lines about Dreamz Sangam it has all the facilities and amenities required for a decent living. It is situated in a place with high social infrastructure with a nature’s glimpse on the two sides. A lake is also seen which would never block your view of the sunrise and sunset. A water body in the vicinity of the apartment is always beneficial as advised by the Vastu experts. Apart from that all the apartments are Vastu compliant designed for your prosperity and success.

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Possession of Dreamz Suvidha will be delivered within few days



For the people who booked apartments in Dreamz Suvidha and for the people who wants to stay in Sarjapura Road this is great news. Dreamz Suvidha at Sarjapura road is almost complete as you can see in the pictures below. The size of the apartments are built to suit your requirements which starts from 1025 sq. ft. to 1375 sq. ft. with spacious 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Dreamz Suvidha.


Sarjapura road tops the list among the preferred destinations in Bengaluru. Dreamz Infra price is a hallmark as it’s hard to get a flat in Bengaluru at Dreamz’s prices among the apartments for sale in Bengaluru. Dreamz Suvidha family is certainly at an advantage as they got their apartments at half the rate of the market price.  Today their apartments are already almost ready and the possession will be given in few days’ time if everything goes on as expected.

IMG-20150619-WA0049 IMG-20150619-WA0046

As you can see in the photographs the exterior paint is also done. The doors, flooring and interiors are being worked on. That’s certainly good news for the Dreamz Suvidha family. Their Dream Home is almost complete. Dreamz Infra is the mother of affordable housing and is already an established company. You can check the customer’s reviews to understand the satisfaction and happiness Dreamz Infra provides them along with their dream home.

Check of the pictorial updates on Dreamz Sampoorna Electronic city Project

IMG-20150619-WA0048 IMG-20150619-WA0047

Dreamz Suvidha is a G+5 structure with 60 apartments in it with 2 and 3 BHK in a strategic location of Sarjapura road with all amenities and facilities at arm’s length. The rooms are spacious with two bathrooms. The amenities in Dreamz Suvidha are plenty that you would need for a luxurious and comfortable living in style.

IMG-20150619-WA0050 IMG-20150619-WA0054

Dreamz Infra congratulates the construction and the whole team for executing the project and bringing it to a stage of almost completion. Work is going on in rotating shifts for quick completion and for us to hand over the keys to you. As you are also anxiously waiting to start living in your new own home, so are we hurrying to deliver your dream apartment as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and help that you all extended due to which we could achieve what we have done.

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Few flats are still available in some of the projects grab it before we call sold out



Dreamz Infra India Ltd is one of the best residential construction company providing Flats / Apartments in Bengaluru at 40% lower than the market price. Already few projects are completed namely Dreamz OM, Namah and Shivam. Another two projects are on the way of completion stage i.e. 90% construction work being completed. The names of project are Dreamz Siddhi at Electronic City and Suvidha at Sarjapura Road. Dreamz Sneh at Marathahalli, Samhita at J.P Nagar, Sangam at Silk Board, Susthapit & Sampoorna at Electronic City are under construction projects of Dreamz Infra.

Dreamz Infra Completed and Under Construction ProjectsAs you can see in the picture Dreamz has given possession of few of the completed projects to the customers. These all lucky customers got their apartments at 40% lesser than the market price and they are satisfied with construction quality and speed of work. If you are still thinking to buy flat from Dreamz Infra then we suggest you to go through Dreamz existing satisfied customers reviews then only take your decision.

There are still few flats are left in HSR Layouts, Kundalahalli, Silk Board, Horamavu, Sarjapura Road, J.P Nagar, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Koramangala and Hebbal at the price 40% lesser than the market.

Good News for Dreamz Samhita Customers


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J.P. Nagar is one of the sought after places of Bengaluru with ample social and physical infrastructure and the area are inhabited by many celebrities, artists and famous people too. Dreamz Infra launched Samhita in J.P. Nagar at a low price as there was lot of demand of apartments in that area.

Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 1Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 2Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 3Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 4Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 5Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 6Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 7Dreamz Samhita Construction Status 8Dreamz is happy in announcing that construction work of Samhita has already started and is in full swing. Samhita is located at a very advantageous location as you see there are many sky scrapers nearby as shown in the picture. Samhita is G + 5 in structure with all amenities that you need like 24 hours water supply with security arrangements round the clock. It has Banquet Hall, children’s play area, conference room, gymnasium, health club for men and women, elevator, restaurants, super-markets and few others too.

The construction as you see is in full swing with the plinth area being constructed in one of the buildings and in others the roof molding is being seen to be done. The construction quality is unmatched as seen in the photographs by the number of the rods being used in rod binding. The other materials are tested at intervals and we make sure that your building is the last to fall, God forbid.

All has been well till now. As we see in the photographs taken at the site the construction is on full swing with workers working in shifts to complete the project in time. If everything goes well the construction will be complete within our estimated time.

We congratulate the Samhita customers and at the same time thank them for their hearty cooperation with us.

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Below are the another Dreamz Infra under construction project status.

Dreamz Sampoorna Costruction Status

Dreamz Sneh Construction Status

Dreamz Susthapit Construction Status

Dreamz Siddhi – About to finish Construction


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Dreamz Siddhi is one of the best project located at Electronic City Phase-1. Dreamz Siddhi Construction work is about to finish. Below are the recent pictures of Dreamz Siddhi project.

Dreamz Siddhi Electronic City 1 https://dreamzinfrareviews1.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/dreamz-siddhi-electronic-city-2.jpg Dreamz Siddhi Electronic City 3 Dreamz Siddhi Electronic City 4 Dreamz Siddhi Electronic City 5Share your Dreamz Infra experience at the comment section below.

Offers on Last few Apartments in Bengaluru


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Dreamz Infra India One of the best Real Estate builders in Bengaluru. Dreamz Infra have reputation to provide affordable Flats / Apartments in Bengaluru even though cost of living is very high and no other builders in Bengaluru is providing Flats between 15 to 35 Lakhs. If you are looking for luxurious and affordable Flats for Sale in Bengaluru then Dreamz Infra is the best choice.

Dreamz Infra offers on last few projectsDreamz Infra’s last few available Flats in 14 Projects. Hurry up All!! Visit Dreamz Infra office today and book your Dream Home.

2BHK – 23.50 LAKHS
3BHK – 36.00 LAKHS
Call us: 7022024206

2BHK – 14.75 LAKHS
3BHK – 19.25 LAKHS
Call us: 7022025739

2BHK – 28.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 30.00 LAKHS
Call us: 8494921658

2BHK – 25.25 LAKHS
3BHK – 34.50 LAKHS
Call us: 7353614111

1BHK – 16.75 LAKHS
2BHK – 23.75 LAKHS
3BHK – 32.50 LAKHS
Call us: 7353594111

2BHK – 18.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 25.00 LAKHS
Call us: 7022023531

1BHK – 13.50 LAKHS
2BHK – 19.25 LAKHS
3BHK – 29.25 LAKHS
Call us: 7022026657

2BHK – 14.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 20.00 LAKHS
Call us: 7353584111

2BHK – 26.25 LAKHS
3BHK – 32.50 LAKHS
Call us: 7353422111

1BHK – 12.00 LAKHS
2BHK – 20.50 LAKHS
3BHK – 29.00 LAKHS
Call us: 7022025740

2BHK – 24.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 33.50 LAKHS
Call us: 7353259111

2BHK – 20.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 26.75 LAKHS
Call us: 7022026653

2BHK – 22.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 30.00 LAKHS
Call us: 7353063111

2BHK – 26.00 LAKHS
3BHK – 35.00 LAKHS
Call us: 8496962111

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Prime residential belt locations push demand


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Due to the presence of prominent economic and industrial hubs near the Marathahalli – HSR Layout stretch of the Outer Ring Road (ORR), residential neighborhoods are also on increase in these areas. Brookfield, Varthur and Whitefield are near Marathahalli which is also developing into a residential neighborhood at a rapid pace. This demand is propelled by the professionals employed in tech parks in the vicinity.

While commenting on the overview of the residential market in these areas, experts are of the opinion that the residential neighborhood in these areas, as Marathahalli, Bellandur Road, HSR Layout are growing at never before pace and the upcoming locations of resident’s choice are Panathur Road and Haralur Road. The experts feel that the employees of the hi tech IT companies of the adjacent areas are pushing the demand of residential houses, here.

Residential Demands Outer Ring Road of BangaloreWith the launch of several residential projects in Marathahalli, the place is slowly turning into a self-sustaining hub of its own. HSR layout being close to Marathahalli posed an advantage in this respect attracting residents as most of the work places are around the Outer Ring Road.

The real estate industry watchers feel that HSR layout is by itself a prime choice for residents, choosing to stay in South Bangalore. But Bellandur and Marathahalli has emerged as favoured residential locations in the recent years, primarily because of the development of the IT parks around ORR with large number of builders developing residential projects in this micro-market.

The data and research shows that the factors which are pushing development are a blend of different types of residential projects starting from villas, independent houses, apartments, gated communities and the like, depending on locations.

With all this development in the fray the price in Bellandur is Rs. 4,500 – Rs. 6, 000 per Square Feet In and around HSR Layout, it comes to Rs, 5000 to Rs. 11, 000 per Square Feet and in Marathahalli; it would range from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 9, 000 per Square Feet.